2022-05-22 We are working on a new 5 track instrumental EP. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for images and videos on the progress we make.

2018-08-01 An instrumental EP called Improper has been released today. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

2017-08-04 It was so much fun recording Left Hand Path we decided to rework two more songs and write a new one in similar style. The songs are released as a conceptual EP called Dreamer's Passage. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

2016-08-26 We have released a 12-minute prog single called Intervention. Listen to it here or search your favourite streaming service.

2016-02-18 We have released a collection of old reworked tracks called Left Hand Path. To make it more interesting we got Ville Kaaronen to sing two songs we originally released with him back in 2005. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

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Improper cover art

Released 2018-08-01

1. Barf at the Moonshine Reggae
2. Dancing Queer
3. Kinks of Metal
4. Degenerates of Funk
5. Hot Pot for Preacher (Tongue Twister)
6. Comfortably Dumb

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Band picture

Mikko Gynther: Vocals, bass & guitars

Olle Räty: Drums

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