Eradication - A Day in the Life

Lyrics and story written by Mikko Gynther

Burst of Rage

Lately I've been feeling these strange
Bursts of rage I can not explain
Don't you put my mind on a strain
I am bound to feel a great shame
Knowing I am going insane
All those fuckers I can't stand

I am up for some real action
I am up for satisfaction
Don't you try to ruin my day
Don't you know that I hate fraction
Baby, hear my screams of passion
I'll take what you've got to give

The sun is shining
And I'm feeling fine
And I want to
Cut some heads of with an axe

I can change
I'm not insane
Give me all I need
Just leave me be
And oh, some weapons of mass destruction

Burst of rage

Sexual Frustration

I sure know where I'm going
But I don't know where I've been
Sexual frustration
Is getting a strong hold on me

No nipple shown
So, it's not porn
We will make you all turn on

Sex Sex Sex
Sex Sex Sex
Sex Sex Sex
Six Six Six

Violent porn is beautiful
Shaking booty all night long

Act One

I've got to get some
I've got to feel some
I've got to be someone
Not a no one
I've got be a man
Yeah, a real man

Hey babe
I'll make
You sway
No need
To be
Just obey

What do you want?

Act Two

I sense a feeling of love in the air tonight
Girl, I'm gonna make you feel so divine

Hey babe
I made
You sway
I know
You enjoyed
'cos you were

Better get the fuck out of here

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