Eradication - A Friday Night

Lyrics and story written by Mikko Gynther

A Friday Night Overture and the Persuasive Plan

No more work
No more work
No more work
Ever again
No, never again
Never again

I'm gonna get wasted tonight
Let us head to a bar

Yeah, yeah gonna get plastered all right
Yeah, yeah so wasted tonight

Let's Dance

That girl looks like a rock tzar
And she wants to dance with me
Let's freshen up our drinks
And head to the dance floor

I'm OK

Oh, baby baby
I want you
Oh, baby baby
Can you feel it too?

How about it

Heading Home

Oh, yes we should go to your place
before our time is through
Honey, hurry let's speed up the pace
I can't wait to finally get you

Oh Lord, I've been waiting
You look like you should be the best
There are so many obstacles in the way
On the way to our love nest

A parked car
A statue of a naked MAN
Bloody traffic signs
A moving car goddamnit

Trees, trees, many trees
A bush, a bush, another bush

Yeah, finally we are there
Our love's gonna be so wild
Open, open, open up the door
It's love love love tonight

Oh Lord, I've been waiting
Near future looks so bright
Come on baby, baby yeah
You and me alright

The Party Rages On

Meet Me Willy
Pleased to meet ya Willy-Billy
Get a grip
And give him a firm handshake
Oh yeah

Do you like... THIS

Gute Nacht

The Pirates Are Here for Love

Yarrrrr, you belong to us now

The pirates are here to love you
Harder, harder
Will you penetrate gently?
Ha ha, you wish
Sailors sodomize

Have you ever wondered
What do we do with the hooks
No, we we don't pick our noses
Open wide!

Whoa, what a dream

Wake Up Call

Why is my dick shitty and sore?
And why does my ass hurt?
I taste something funny

A bit rough sex, I suppose
Hey, not bad
I was pretty drunk after all

-Who the fuck are you?
-Silly, like you don't remember
-Hey, stay away from my weenie, you sick fuck
-What's the matter? It was so big and hard yesterday

The Conclusion

It can't be true
It can't...

I fuckin' hate myself and I want to die

Feisty Flashback of a Slimy Lizard

Feisty flashback of a slimy lizard

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