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2022-05-22 We are working on a new 5 track instrumental EP. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for images and videos on the progress we make.

2018-08-01 An instrumental EP called Improper has been released today. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

2017-08-04 It was so much fun recording Left Hand Path we decided to rework two more songs and write a new one in similar style. The songs are released as a conceptual EP called Dreamer's Passage. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

2016-08-26 We have released a 12-minute prog single called Intervention. Listen to it here or search your favourite streaming service.

2016-02-18 We have released a collection of old reworked tracks called Left Hand Path. To make it more interesting we got Ville Kaaronen to sing two songs we originally released with him back in 2005. See Discography or search your favourite streaming service.

2015-09-05 For the past two months we have been recording compositions for three different projects. Firstly we'll release a few of our old tracks originally released between 2004 and 2007. In addition to rerecording they have also been heavily rearranged. Stay tuned.

2014-10-17 We have released a remixed version of A Friday Night. See Discography for links or just search your favourite streaming service.

2014-06-05 During the past months Mikko has been posting track by track Decadence commentary on our Facebook page. Read it all here.

2013-12-11 Lyric video to Decadence is available on YouTube.

2013-12-03 Decadence is available for streaming and purchase on many services.

2013-11-24 Decadence is released. Feel free to listen to and download it.

2013-11-20 We're not quite ready to release Decadence yet but here's a track called Fantasies Are Fallacies... Reality Is Brutal.

2013-09-12 Anyone still there? After a great deal of recording and mixing, our next album called Decadence is almost done. We'll try to release it in a month or two but it's difficult to say when will it happen exactly. Anyhow, it will be worth the wait.

2013-04-20 Here's a track called Sky Is Crying from our next album.

2013-04-13 It's time for an update on the upcoming album, isn't it. So far 7 out of 13 tracks are almost completely recorded. We'll start working on the rest in May when we'll have a drum recording session if everything goes as planned. So far the stuff sounds great although it's not as diverse as it will get when also the remaining heavy tracks are done.

2012-11-07 Lately we've been busy composing our next 13-track conceptual EP. On average the new pieces are slightly longer than on our two latest EPs and there's a little less genre hopping within compositions. Still, the music ranges from smooth jazzy and bluesy stuff to eerie 1900's art music influenced oddity with heavy moments here and there. Hopefully we'll get the yet untitled record released during 2013.

2012-09-03 Lammas Zine TWLD review.

2012-04-29 Another TWLD review on kaaoszine.

2012-04-13 TWLD review published on

2012-03-11 The first TWLD review has been published.

2012-01-02 Greetings friends. The Way Lovers Do is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and a few other services.

2011-12-27 The Way Lovers Do is released. Feel free to download it as mp3 files on this site or listen to it on SoundCloud. Also lossless flac downloads are available on SoundCloud.

2011-12-03 Howdy! Time is flying. Finishing The Way Lovers Do has taken a bit longer than we expected but we are almost there. The music in the final stages of mixing and the cover art looks great. We are aiming at releasing the record already this year or in early 2012. Keep rockin'.

2011-07-20 It's been a while since our previous update but better late than never. During the past few months we have recorded most of our next release called The Way Lovers Do. There will be 11 fresh and exciting tracks. We hope we can get the record finished in a few months. Stay tuned.

2010-11-29 We have been working on a new release for a few months. Currently we're on pre-production stage rehearsing and arranging new compositions. The new material is truly exciting and thus, we have decided to share a pre-production recording of a song called A Rigorous Fantasy.

2010-07-19 A review in Soundi 6/2010.

2010-06-23 There's a review in Inferno 5/2010. Unfortunately the review is not in the Internet.

2010-06-03 review.

2010-04-01 Another review at

2010-03-31 has published a review of A Friday Night.

2010-02-16 A Friday Night is now also available in cd format. Check order page if you want a copy.

2010-02-07 A Friday Night is released in mp3 format. Feel free to download.

2010-02-01 The cover art of A Friday Night is already done. Take a look. Music will be available soon(er or later...)

2009-12-30 We have started recording our next release called "A Friday Night". It will be released within a few weeks and it already sounds superb. Once again the new material is quite different from anything we have done before.

2009-11-15 It seems that does not support direct links to songs anymore. From now on mp3s can be downloaded directly from this site.

2009-10-14 Ville Muona has decided to leave Eradication to pursue other interests.

2009-09-20 A review of yesterdays gig.

2009-08-12 A gig at Iltatähti, Lappeenranta on Sat 2009-09-19 with Pantheory and TotalSelfHatred.

2009-06-21 Aftermath review in Inferno 6/2009.

2009-06-04 A Day in the Life review in Inferno 4/2009.

2009-05-13 Check for a review.

2009-04-28 Aftermath review at

2009-04-15 A review at

2009-03-17 Order Aftermath cd.

2009-03-08 We will play a gig at Back Room, Kotka on 9th of August.

2009-03-02 Aftermath has been released in mp3 format.

2009-02-28 The cover art of Aftermath has been released.

2009-02-25 Five live videos from our gig at Back Room are now on Youtube.

2009-02-12 We are currently recording a new concept ep called Aftermath. It will consist of three brand new songs and end the story started on A Day in the Life. The new songs are darker and heavier than anything we've done before. As a bonus track Aftermath will contain a remake of Sick from Long Lost, Finally Found.

2009-02-08 A review in

2009-02-06 Yet another review in

2009-02-01 A review in

2009-01-17 A review of A Day in the Life in

2008-12-15 A Day in the Life has been released in cd-format. Send an e-mail to eradication ät if you want to buy a copy for 5e (including postage in Finland).

2008-11-30 The cover art of A Day in the Life has been released.

2008-11-08 A Day in the Life has been released in mp3 format. Cd release is coming in a few weeks.

2008-09-23 We have started recording our next ep called "A Day in the Life". It will be a conceptual story of six songs and sound insane.

2008-07-20 A gig confirmed at Sam's Pub, Kotka and The Unknown review at

2008-06-03 An audio clip from Back Room gig.

2008-05-12 The Unknown reviewed at

2008-03-22 A gig at Back Room, Kotka on Saturday 2008-05-31 confirmed. The Unknown review at Inferno magazine(2008/55).

2008-01-11 All songs of The Unknown are now available as mp3s. Have fun.

2008-01-11 The Unknown reviewed at Stalkermusic.

2007-11-08 The first review of The Unknown was released at

2007-11-05 A flash player added. Click and listen to our songs without downloading the mp3s.

2007-10-03 A few Pictures added to band and media pages. Pictures by Jani Lappeteläinen.

2007-09-27 The Unknown was released today. We're still working on the distribution. Stay tuned...

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