Eradication - Decadence

Lyrics and story written by Mikko Gynther



Meryl Steep



1. Saturday Night Fever

I wanna go out tonight
I wanna have fun alright
It may change my life somehow

2. Discoteca del diablo

¡Vaya con el diablo!

3. A Moment with a Working Girl

You look lost
Have a seat

We're not that different
in fact we're quite alike
For a smart hunk like you
it shouldn't take too long to realize that
we rent out filthy parts of our bodies
My orifices, your brain
The difference, however, is that I get paid

And there's nothing more pathetic than being cheap

4. Ode to Hookers

Hooker's heart is warm
but only when she works
which still makes it feel
like paradise compared to
the deep freeze I'm so used to

What a true professional!
Besides, a hooker is so much cheaper
than a girlfriend

No nights out,
no vacations,
no jewelry, clothes or culture

5. Fantasies Are Fallacies... Reality Is Brutal


6. Then I Felt Rejected

These days it's hard to get laid
So I thought to play it safe
There's this website where hookers place their ads

I looked for a cute one
Thought she would do just what I want
So, I gave her a call and booked my fun
Fun indeed

I went to her place, she told me to pay
and get naked
She looked at me for a while and made me sweat
She said:

"You're pathetic, you have no muscle
and you haven't shaved
I've never been insulted like this"

She threw my clothes out of the window
and told me to go
...I did

Boy, then I felt rejected
So I decided to become an alpha male
Just to please the ladies

Hey Horatio, what's your ho-ratio

7. Darker Day by Day

How stupid how blind and fragile
can a lonesome child be
Hopeless believe in hope, their dope

A romantic boy is dead
He's darker day by day
The romantic boy is dead

There's warmth with desire
Desire to gain, desire to shine

All the world's a stage
There's no moral of the story

8. The Call

Hi, it's me again
No, don't hang up
I'll make an offer you can't refuse

You see, I've been taking care of myself
How about if you came to my place?

Just say your price and I'll pay double

A message:

Hey Ann,

Hope you did well in your exam.

Change of plans, sorry. I got an offer I couldn't refuse. It's the pathetic dude although he may not be that pathetic after all. He's got a big house near your childhood home.

I'll be back late in the evening. Let's do something together tomorrow.


9. Stairway to Hell

Welcome... oh thank you
That's very kind of you

Let's get the money business out of the way
Come right this way
I have something very special in mind

Let's get a bottle of wine from the cellar
Yes, down we go

My dear, stop there
and look at me

10. The Consummation

Oh man, I've always dreamed of making sweet, sweet love
to a dirty whore who has no limbs

Now, where's my chainsaw

Ah, there it is
You may want to bite this as it will hurt a bit





Game on

11. Sky Is Crying


12. Stygian Dawn

Fall on your knees
Oh, hear the angel voices

13. Angel Voices


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