Eradication - Dreamer's Passage

1. Nightmares

No, no, not again
Nightmares still haunt me
Don't seem to end, can't comprehend
Dreamy scenes of death
Some form of me, so serene
Witnessing dying screams
Morning bares the auguries
For the scenes were real

Nightmares alive
Breeding from inside
Creations of subconscious mind

People victimized
Who I knew in life
Is it my hand involved in crime?

If I only knew
Ways to keep them safe
They wouldn't have had to die

Dreamtime is due
Got to stay awake
I have to fight it, I must try

Drifting in, sleep begins
A gateway to an eerie dream
Within I feel growing fear
Familiar presence near
Encountering a horrid view
A friend slashed in bloody pool
The dying eyes tell what they've seen
Dark side in me

How much more I must endure

No, no, not again
Nightmare now haunts me
The only thing I've truly feared
Is to find you here
Against my will I'm closing in
Fighting the urge within
But powers here beyond my reach
Most precious life now laid to rest in peace

2. Anger

All is gone, no glimpse of hope
I've lost the one I cared the most
Her efforts to help me, now in vain
The void within now filled with pain

I sense the madness lurking in
Sleep deprivation strengthening
Every face of terror, every last breath
Pushing me closer to the edge

Ending to foresee
This anger suffocating me
I can't forgive myself these deeds
Solution in finality
To rid the demon within

Leave me alone

I've come to terms with a master plan
This blackened mind beyond repair
To end the dreams is to end my being
One more death for the commonweal

Lord, my soul to keep

3. Slumber

Realms of our mankind
No more binds nor decides
Earthly body gone
With chains of life

Heed my sacrifice
Release the sinner from vice
Born of my demise
A wraith of spiteful kind

Trapped in netherworld
Spirit dwells confined
Persisting scenes of death
In lifeless shattered eyes

Feed my poltergeist
Quench these cravings of mine
Remorses nullified
All life dehumanized

"From here I shall renounce my clemency for I am to bedevil humankind for all eternity"

Oh behold, Defiler of the Light
Transcending darkness inside

Slumbering genocide

Harbinger roaming, reading the final rites

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