The Story of Eradication

During the decade of its existence Eradication has been taking its own path. Today drifted far from its traditional heavy metal roots Eradication is more innovative, audacious and determined than ever. Categorization of the band has been a hard task for critics during the past few years. A combination of metal, progressive rock and jazz fusion combined with dark and ironic lyrics is probably the best way to describe the unique music.

Eradication came to life when Mikko Gynther, Olle Räty and Teemu Karttunen joined forces in 2001. The first stable line-up, however, consisted of Mikko, Olle, vocalist and guitarist Ville Kaaronen (later in Poecilother) an bassist Jere Naski in 2004-2005. The band released a couple of EPs with evident progression on every record but eventually broke up.

After the break up Mikko and Olle decided to look for a more distinctive sound and the line-up was completed by like-minded original guitarist Teemu Karttunen. The second period with Teemu lasted longer than the first but in 2007 Teemu decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. He was replaced by a long time friend Ville Muona. With Ville the band released A Day in the Life and Aftermath which shaped the band's sound into a less melodic and more rhythmic direction. Despite the artistic upswing Ville decided to leave in late 2009.

The band, however, did not want to stand still. Instead Mikko and Olle recorded and released A Friday Night which was even more out of the ordinary and candid than anything the band had done before. Gone were the standard song structures which made the songs way more compact than before - on average one and a half minutes per song. Also the conceptual album approach started on A Day in the Life and Aftermath was much more prominent on A Friday Night than its predecessors.

Since A Friday Night Eradication has focused on developing their sound and released The Way Lovers Do, Decadence, Left Hand Path, Intervention, Dreamer's Passage, Improper and Impartation.

Past Members

Ville Muona - Guitars - 2007-2009

Teemu Karttunen - Guitars - 2001-2002, 2005-2007

Simo Pietikäinen - Bass - 2005

Ville Kaaronen - Vocals & Guitars - 2003-2005

Jere Naski - Bass - 2004-2005

Esa Tuokko - Bass - 2002

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